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General Firearm Sales

All firearms, magazines, receivers and restricted law enforcement items are sold and shipped in accordance with all existing federal, state and local laws and regulations. Many of the firearms, magazines and parts for sale on this website may be restricted or prohibited in your area. Please check your local and state regulations before ordering.

All new firearms with the exception of in-store pick up items, are shipped in the original manufacturer's box, with magazine(s), accessories and applicable warranty. Firearms requiring warranty work must be returned to the factory within 1 year of purchase for repair. Accessories and special order items not normally sold by our store will not be covered under warranty even if these products are part of an integrated firearms package, unless we have guaranteed the entire package in writing. Please contact the original manufacturer for warranty information on all accessories and special order items.

FFL Items

There are some products that require Great Lakes Outdoor Supply to have a Federal Firearms License (FFL) on file in order to ship. These items are regulated by the BATF.

  • It is the buyer’s responsibility to comply with all Federal, State, and Local laws in their area.
  • The recipient of FFL items must be at least 21 years old.

FFL Ordering Process for Firearms, Receivers, Frames, & Actions

The process for purchasing a firearm online is quite simple and ensures that firearms do not get into the hands of under age and prohibited persons. Please note that there is generally a fee for an FFL transfer not included in the price of the firearm.

1) Contact us after your purchase Via Email to ensure that the firearm is available.
2) Locate someone in your area who has their Federal Firearms License (FFL). Any gun shop, gunsmith, pawn shop, or gun range operates with an FFL and can help you out with your transaction. or follow this Link to locate a dealer in your area: http://www.fflgundealers.net
3) Contact the local FFL holder and tell them you would like to transfer a firearm from us. Most FFL holders will perform this action normally for a small fee.
5) We will send a signed copy of our license with the firearm to your dealer. They will need to send a signed copy of their license by mail or fax. Include a note with the FFL stating your name and the item you have purchased from us Fax # 440-632-5334.
5) Once we receive the FFL & payment the item can be shipped to your local FFL holder.
6) Your local FFL holder will be responsible for performing your background check and adhering to any other state or local laws affiliated with firearms transactions. If unsure about regulations in your state, please consult your local FFL.

Remember, a firearm can ONLY be shipped to someone who holds a Federal Firearm License.

As you can see the process is simple to purchasing a firearm online from us.

Ammunition Purchases

You must be 18 or older to purchase rifle or shotgun ammunition and 21 or older to purchase handgun ammunition. All ammunition will be shipped ground with adult signature required. Always make sure to use the correct ammunition for your specific firearms. Check your local laws for any other regulations.

ATTENTION: Residents of California, Connecticut, Delaware, Washington DC, Illinois, Kansas, Massachusetts, New York and Washington - please check with your local laws for restrictions before ordering any ammunition products.